FINDTAR3: Yaou Lab MicroRNA Target Prediction and Analysis

Explore FindTar3 Target Database

FindTarBase provides genome-wide miRNA target prediction data for human, mouse and rat. Researchers can either query all miRNA targets on a single gene mRNA 3'UTR or browse all miRNA targets of a candidate miRNA in 3'UTR of genome-wide genes. Algorithms include seed pairing, free energy, miRNA:MRE duplex stability, miRNA stability and central loop scoring are combined to perform a comprehensive recommendation for all predicted targets. The recommendation ratio is showed as "excellent", "good" and "ok" in desecending order in the comment column of the target display table. We hope this can help the new comer in miRNA research to obtain their intended targets easiler.

FindTarBase also support targets file download. By clicking the "Download Target File" button at the bottom of the table, all miRNA targets will be stored on your local computer. We provide a specific program, miRBrowser, for browsing, analyzing and screening all preditive targets.


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